🌧 LastRain.IO

If it doesn't rain for a few weeks where I live, I need to water my grass. I can never remember how long it has been since it last rained. I couldn't find a website that answered this question in a simple, user friendly way, so I made one.

Privacy Info: This website attempts to obtain your location by asking your browser to tell us where you are.

If your browser gives us a latitude and longitude, we tell your browser to submit that information to a reverse geocoding API operated by BigDataCloud which returns a nice, human readable name for the place you're in. Getting your latitude and longitude in a request from your IP address probably helps BigDataCloud refine their IP geolocation database. You can read their privacy policies on their website. Once we have a human readable name for your location, our server looks up historical weather information for your latitude and longitude.

If your browser will not give us your location, our server will attempt to determine it based on your IP address, and we'll provide historical weather info based on that.

Our weather info comes from Visual Crossing. Rainfall totals are reported by the nearest weather stations and may differ from your precise location.

We collect transactional logs, which we primarily use for troubleshooting purposes. We are not retaining this data permanently or disclosing it to third parties for any purpose. Transactions are visible to our hosting provider, Heroku. We have a Google Analytics javascript tracker which gives us statistics on who is visiting this site. In the future, we may also include web advertisements.

Send questions and feedback to Tom Cross: tom (at) memestreams.net.

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